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Fic: Wanderlust Pt. 1 - An entry for the Kurt/Blaine Reversebang

Title: Wanderlust Part 1
Artist: naderegen // tumblr: naderegen
Author: aacerr // tumblr: blaine-wilde
Rating: PG-13 for the story, G for the art
Word Count: 14,400
Warnings: Language
Summary: Follow the adventures of a lost Blaine Anderson and his traveling companion Lafayette Walter around the world while they both look for a place to call home. Alternatively: What happens in Vegas, most definitely does not stay in Vegas.
Author's Notes: I am so proud of this and proud of myself and wow, I can't believe it's finally posted. Thank you to the reversebang for forcing me to post and put my insecurities away. I am honored to work in such a project with such talented people. Speaking of which...
Thank you so much to my sister Ariel for beta reading this for me and suffering through a million drafts while reminding me the difference between silly things like your voice becoming a horse and your voice becoming hoarse. Also, to the wonderful Leslie, immunetoiocane on tumblr, for cheerleading and generally just being my best friend even while in another country and time zone. She helped me more than she realizes. Lastly, a gigantic thank you to Elsje, my artist, for being literally the easiest and sweetest person to work with. Thank you for being endlessly patient and kind. Go to her tumblr and follow her. As well as see all her lovely art. Which you may view here.

Completed as part of kbl_reversebang 2012.

Blaine Anderson was many things.

A wanderer, a performer, a photographer, an easily intrigued adventurer, among other things. But the thing he prided himself on most, was his avid curiosity.

No matter where he went or how long he was there, he was insatiable. Never staying anywhere too long, mind you; Blaine had seen most of the world at least once, but never more than that.

After growing up in the same house, in the same neighborhood, with the same group of boys all going to the same chain of schools, only ever changing the emblazoned letters they wore on their lapels, it was safe to say that as far as reasons go for hating familiarity, his was a good one.

He was eighteen when he left home. The day after he graduated high school, he woke up, packed a bag and hugged his mother goodbye. Now, keep in mind, Blaine’s story is not a sad one, far from it. He had a pretty normal childhood, nothing too drastic or exciting ever happening to him. Banality like a second language. His father died when he was four, but he was too young to be affected much. He was an average prep-school boy. One who would have made his father proud if he’d had the chance. His mother assured him of it. Blaine, honey, no one knew him like I did and he would honor the man you have become.

Except Blaine wasn’t so sure he had become a man of honor, just yet. So he set off to find a way to make sure he became a man that his father (and the rest of the world) would have been proud of.

Blaine grew up in a small community in southern California, so naturally as soon as he was free to go where he pleased he chose to leave California as quickly as possible.

With the money his father had left him (that he should have used to pay for college), Blaine threw some clothes, his cameras, a few memory cards and his father’s pocket watch into an old backpack and got on the first plane to Florida.

Calvada Springs, California --> Miami, Florida

“You seem nervous.” A tall, tanned girl, maybe around the same age as Blaine, said as she took the seat beside him on the plane. She had insane red curls piled up on the top of her head and giant brightly colored earrings that were obviously hand-made. She was gorgeous.

“First time flying.” Blaine smiled sheepishly.

“You get used to it.” She smiled back brightly, her eyes slate grey against her canvas shirt. “Where ya’ headed?”



“Because it’s there.”

The girl nodded her head thoughtfully. “Drifter?”

Blaine finally turned to face her. “No. Just...”


He shook his head.

“Then what are you?”


She threw her head back and laughed, the corners of her eyes crinkling from her smile. “Lafayette. But call me Fay.”

“Fay.” He offered her his hand.

She took it.

Miami, Florida --> Jacksonville, Florida

“We’re up in the air now, Blaine.” Fay nudged his shoulder. “Feeling impulsive yet?”

Blaine opened his eyes warily. “Hardly. Changing my ticket to a city a couple hours by drive isn’t much of an impulse.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Ah, but the impulse was in agreeing to stay in my house. You never know, I could be a murderer.”

“I’ll push my luck.”

Blaine soon found out that Fay was in fact not a serial killer. She was nineteen and living alone. He stayed in her apartment for exactly eleven days before deciding that Italy was where his heart was taking him next. Little did he know that he was taking Fay as well.

Jacksonville, Florida --> Florence, Italy

“Do you know any Italian?” Fay was leafing through a travel guide.

“None,” grinned Blaine.

“We’re so screwed.”

They went anyway.

Italy was more American friendly than they had thought, but knowing about as much Italian as a new born baby--even between the both of them--made the trip a challenge.

They managed to see everything they possibly could though. Taking up any tour they were able to get their hands on, then promptly leaving the group as quickly as they had joined.

Getting caught trying to sneak onto the roof of the Pitti Palace, drinking real italian soda on the street, falling out of a tree in the Boboli Gardens with Blaine capturing every moment he could on film.

But much like their stay in Florida, they left as soon as their eleven days were up.

“Where to next, oh great adventurer?” Fay mused, gripping his hand tightly as they walked down an unfamiliar street.

“I was thinking somewhere wet. Scuba diving or...”


Florence, Italy --> Sydney, Australia

“If we don’t see an opera while we’re here-”

“I know, Blaine, you’ll have a conniption. I used to be a singer, I owned that stage- blah, blah, blah.”

“Why do I keep you around again?”

“Because without me you’d be in Miami right now, getting drunk on a beach somewhere and hating your life.”

“Fair point.”

They did see an opera while they were there. Blaine cried and Fay tried her hardest not to make fun of him. Much.

They dove in The Great Barrier Reef and Blaine took as many pictures as he could. Fay had a run in with a barracuda and this time it was Blaine’s turn to suppress his laughter. He didn’t.

Sydney, Australia --> Manchester, England

“I’ve nev-ah fewt mowah cultch-uhd.”

“I have no idea what you just said. In other news, your attempts at a British accent scare me.”

“You love and adore my company.”

“Fay, love and adore are synonyms.”

“Shut up and take me out for some tea.”

“Stereotyping now too? Angel, you are not.”

“Close your mouth and take my picture.”

Manchester, England --> Islamabad, India (The Himalayas)

“Mountain air, Fay. Mountain air.

“Everything’s clearer up here.”

“I want to stay forever.”

“Two more days until the golden rule.”

“I know.”

“Still up for this?”

“I’ve made it this far.”

“That you have.”

“Of all the airplane seats in all the airplanes...”

“Oh, Blaine Anderson thinks he’s cute. Look at that.”

“I’m adorable.”

“Fair point.”

Islamabad, India --> San Antonio, Texas

“Remember the Alamo!”

“Remember your manners! Anderson, you are drunk.”

“Riverwalk! Riverwalk!”

“Jesus we are supposed to leave tomorrow, how can we leave when you’re like this?!”

“We’ll be fine. Rent a car. Let’s explore Texas. It’s a country on its own.”

“I can’t believe you almost got us arrested.”

“At least I didn’t push you out of a tree!”

“My god, Anderson. Let that go already.”


San Antonio, Texas --> Austin, Texas

“Never let me drive stick-shift again.”

“I would have driven.”

“You were drunk off your ass.”

“Oh well. It brought us here. Let’s enjoy it, at least. We’re in a city of street performers!”

“You must feel real at home.”

“I don’t really like to make places my home.”

“I wish I could live the glamorous life of a busker.”

“I wish I could get the callouses from my guitar back.”

“You play?”

“Once upon a time.”

Austin, Texas --> El Paso, Texas

“Would it be rude of me to say that there’s nothing here?”


“There’s nothing here.”


“Well it’s true.”

“Let’s fly to New York tomorrow. Plenty to do there. Plus, we are getting dangerously close to California and I can’t stand it.”

“What’s wrong with California?”

“Remember how you won’t talk about your sister? California is like my sister.”

Somewhere on Interstate 10, West Texas.

“Hey, Anderson?”

“Hmm?” Blaine cracked one eye open, on the verge of sleep.

“Can I ask you a question?” Fay bit her lip before nudging his leg with her knee.

“Sure. Take advantage of my sleepy state to pump me for information.”

Fay smiled. “It’s honest curiosity.”


“Have... Have you ever been in love?”

Blaine was silent for a while. Turning the question over in his mind a few times before finally answering. “No. But I don’t think I ever will be either.”

“Why not?”

“Because I only have one constant in my life and she’s pretty great on her own, so why would I need anyone else?”

Fay grinned and tangled their hands together under the thin blanket they were sharing. “I would love to be your everything, Blaine...” She paused, Blaine smiling faintly into the darkness at the mention of his first name. “But you deserve so much more than me. You deserve someone as beautiful as you are on the inside and the outside. Someone who you are so in love with it literally hurts to be away from them... You deserve everything and I can’t be the one to give it to you...” She trailed off, her voice becoming hoarse.

“Fay...” Blaine sat up, keeping his hand warm in hers and bringing them up to his chest, over his heart. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you...” She sat up at his words, placing her other palm flat against his cheek.

“We’re on our own adventures for now, Anderson. But I expect you to be settled down one day. With a husband so perfect all the neighborhood housewives beg to come over to your house for dinner.” Blaine chuckled, casting his eyes down to the sheets. “I’m serious.” Fay whispered again. “And at least three kids. At least.”

Blaine sighed, “I know,” and squeezed her hand again before laying back down without another word.

A dirty hotel on I-10, West Texas --> Manhattan, New York

“I think you’ve taken more pictures here than anywhere else.”

“It’s the most beautiful place we’ve been.”

“I guess... It’s true what they say. This really is the city of neon and chrome.”

“I thought that was Las Vegas?”

“No, it’s Rent.”

“Hm... You may be right. Let’s go there next and compare notes.”

“Starbucks first. Always Starbucks.”

“I hate you.”

“You love me.”


“You adore me.”

“Synonyms, Fay.”

Manhattan, New York --> Las Vegas, Nevada

“We left the city that never sleeps for the city that keeps your secrets.” Fay surveyed what little land she could see from the airplane passenger window.

“Sounds like my kind of place.”

“You are a secretive one.”

“I try.”

Blaine talks a lot. He knows he does. But most of the time he’s not really saying anything. Fay knows him better than anyone though, even if it’s easy to feel like she doesn’t know him at all. After spending so much time together, she knows his heart, his dreams, his brain. Just not him. Never him. And it scares them both sometimes, because it’s as if maybe no one ever really will.

Las Vegas changes people, it seems. Some people come to this city with their whole lives ahead of them and leave it with nothing but a sad story to tell to anyone willing to listen. The city’s energy alone has the power to change everything. It's one of those places where you go when you either want to feel like you're on top of the world or you feel like you just fell from it.

It was nearly midnight, the end of the third day.

"I'm so tired, Fay. Can we please just go back to the hotel?" Blaine whined.

"It's too bad you swore off liquor. You're more fun when you've got some courage in ya’." Fay slipped another golden coin into the machine in front of her and pulled down the corresponding lever. "Besides, you're the one who said we were going to need to cool it with the spending."

"Well, yeah, my inheritance is deep, not infinite." He chewed his bottom lip absently.

"Which is exactly why we need to stay here, get drunk and gamble our asses off!" Fay pulled the lever down again, pouting at the screen. "Shit."


"Blaine, shut up, go have fun. We are in fucking Vegas for god's sake..." She turned to face him, drawing his body nearer to hers until he was situated between her legs on the stool. "Don't turn around," she framed his face with her hands, leaned closer in and whispered, "but there is a boy at the bar who is positively staring at you." She grinned wickedly.

"Fay... I don't do that sort of thing..."

Fay knew that. She may have had a few men over the course of their adventures (the concierge at their hotel in the Himalayas, a British man in Manchester, a man who claimed to be British in New York--and we won’t talk about Texas), but she's not proud of her track record. Blaine though, Blaine’s never even looked.

Fay knew he was gay, they'd talked about the ghosts of lovers past and Blaine's semi-nonexistent love life before. She just didn't understand why he never even tried.

"You don't have to do any sort of thing." Her smile warmed, she dropped her hands from his face, dragging them down his arms until she took his hands into her own. "Just talk to him. City of lost souls, remember?"

"Have you been reading travel pamphlets behind my back again?"

"No. Maybe. Blaine, I'm serious!" She squeezed his hands and tilted her head toward his, jutting her bottom lip out and allowing her messy red curls to slip from behind her ears and frame her face. He sighed.

"I don't do that sort of thing." Blaine repeated.

“What? Talk?” She asked innocently. “Sure you do! You talk a lot! Never about anything though, so you’ll be good at small talk. Mention the weather or a sports team, you like sports, right? Oh shit, do you like sports? Oh well. A designer then! Or--”

Blaine wrenched one hand from Fay’s grasp only to lift it to her lips, effectively cutting off any chance she had at continuing. “I will go talk to him if you promise never to speak again.”

Fay grinned under his hand and nodded quickly.

“Alright.” He took a deep breath. “Stay here. No more alcohol and be reasonable about the slots...”

He removed his hand and Fay chased it with her lips, giving his palm a quick kiss before he smiled and turned towards the bar.

Blaine took the empty seat next to the bar’s only other occupant. A thin boy who seemed to be no older than 20 with his eyes fixed downward on the scratched tabletop where his hands rested around his drink.

“Um.” Blaine tried to get the bartender’s attention. “Sir?” The man continued to clean out what appeared to be a large metal sink, headphones jammed into his ears. “Oh.” Blaine said upon realization. “Never mind then.”

The boy looked up. “You’re talking to air, you know.” He said in a sing-song voice. Pure and out of place from the grunge of the casino he was sitting in.

“I know.” Blaine sighed. “I just wanted some water anyways. No big deal.”

The boy shook his head, laughing so quietly Blaine would have missed it if he wasn’t so fixated on his face, catching the way his lips turned up into a smile before he stared back down into his drink. “Water.”

“Throat’s dry.” Blaine defended.

“Nothing stronger? You seem, what, twenty? Twenty-one?”

“Nineteen.” Blaine said out of habit. The boy narrowed his eyes. “Oh. I feel like I should have lied just now.” Blaine grimaced. 

Then he laughed and it was musical. “No, it’s okay. There’s no legal age for water.” Then in one swift movement he hopped out of his seat and over the bar, landing gracefully behind it. Blaine watched him with curious eyes as he grabbed a plastic cup and filled it with ice before setting it in front of Blaine and filling it to the brim.

“You..?” Blaine wasn’t sure what he wanted to ask, but he had to get some kind of answer.

“Work here? Kind of. Not always, but I’m a bartender when I want to be.” He shrugged. “So who am I serving? Normally I’d run your card to get your name but water is free, I’m afraid.”

Blaine laughed. “Clever. I’m Blaine.”

“Kurt. Nice to meet you, Blaine.”


Three sounds seemed to reach Blaine’s ears all at once: Loud bells began to go off, a shrill ear-splitting scream seemed to shatter the glasses hanging above his head and the cold clink clink clink of metal hitting the hard floor repeatedly.


Kurt glanced at Blaine before hopping over the bar again and heading towards the winner. Blaine spun on his stool and followed suit.

“I won! Blaine!” Fay screamed and launched herself at him as soon as he came into sight.

“I see that,” Blaine laughed, “what did you get?”

She placed a palm on his cheek and gave him a meaningful look before whispering. “Enough for a hotel the rest of our stay and more.”

Blaine grinned and picked her up. “Lafayette Walter, have I told you lately that I love you?” She giggled and hugged him tightly.

Blaine set Fay down before dropping to his knees to help Kurt scoop the small coins up from the floor into a velvet bag. Kurt looked up and smiled faintly before busying himself again.


After cashing in everything Fay had won and settling back into their now, practically free, hotel room Blaine allowed himself to fall face first into the softness of their bed.


“So what?” Blaine mumbled into the comforter.

"Who is he?" Fay sat down next to him.

Blaine heaved a sigh before propping himself up on his elbow. "His name's Kurt."


"He sort of works here?"

"And?" Fay prompted again, exasperated.

"And then you got your jackpot."



"Well... At least I scored us a couple more thousand. Don’t I get some credit?"

Blaine sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Of course you do." He smiled, clearing his mind of blue eyes and refocusing on the fact that they only had eight days left in Vegas.

"So what's on the agenda for tomorrow?"

"Why is it always my job to pick the adventures?"

"I picked the casino!"

"Oh right. That's why."

Day four.

“Hey stranger.” Blaine looked up from his seat at the bar.

“Hey, Kurt.” He sat up straighter. “Working again today?”

“For all these customers?” Kurt made a show of looking around.

Blaine laughed, “I guess there really aren’t many people drinking it up at 11 am.”

“Except you, huh?” Kurt mused.

“Big drinker.” Blaine raised his cup of water.

“Vodka? Again?” Blaine grinned and looked back down into his cup as Kurt took the seat beside him. “So, Blaine...” Kurt trailed off.

“So, Kurt?”

“I have to say I’m trying to figure you out and I’m usually pretty good at that sort of thing...”


“But you’re different.”

“How so?” Blaine turned in his seat to face Kurt.

“Yesterday when you walked up... I have to be honest, I thought you were hitting on me.”

“Or maybe I was confronting you for staring at me.” Blaine smirked.

Kurt cocked his head. “Staring at you?”

“Yeah, my friend--”


“That girl I was--”

“So she’s just a friend?”

“What does that mean?”

“Just finish your sentence.”

“Okay, my friend--”

“Lafayette Walter.”

“How did you--”

“I filed her jackpot. Honeymoon suite for the week.”

“Wait, so you think--”


“Okay, okay. My friend,” Blaine paused, “Fay.” He threw Kurt a pointed look. “Told me you were staring at me--”

“Blaine, I had been watching the ice in my glass melt for an hour.”


“Not that you aren’t more fun to look at--”

“So you were staring?”

“Never said that.”

“Never denied it.”

“I wasn’t staring at you.”

“Why would Fay make that--” Blaine closed his eyes tightly. “Oh, I’m an idiot.”

“And I’m lost.”

Blaine stood. “Of course Fay would make that up.”

“Still lost, Blaine.”

He began to pace. “She has a lonely boy complex or something.”


“That’s why she talked to me in the first place.”

Kurt frowned, finally yelling over Blaine’s rambling, “Blaine!” He stopped pacing and turned to Kurt. “What is going on here?”


“Your,” Kurt lifted his hands to make air quotes around the word, “‘friend’ who you’re sharing the Honeymoon Suite with.”

Blaine glowered at him. “You’re going to stay lost if you keep interrupting.”

“Sorry.” Kurt muttered.

“Anyway. Fay is my best friend.” Blaine sat back down, relaxing his shoulders a little. “Last night... I was tired, I wanted to go back to our hotel.” Blaine raised a finger, silencing Kurt’s impending question. “We were in a cheap dive before Fay won the room here.” Kurt nodded. Blaine took a deep breath. “I was really tired and she just kept playing... So she told me that there was a boy at the bar, ‘positively staring at me,’” Blaine motioned towards Kurt. “And that I should go up to him. So I said that I couldn’t, because I don’t do that sort of thing--”

“What? Talk to guys? Or talk to guys who might be gay?”


“Just a question.”

“So you might be gay?”

“Not the point.”

“Just a question.”

They both stared at each other for a moment.

“No.” Kurt finally said after a while.

“No?” Blaine’s face fell slightly.

“I am gay. No mights, no maybes.”


“So the question remains.”

“I don’t talk to... Guys who I could possibly end up sleeping with.” Blaine’s eyes widened as soon as the words left his lips.

Kurt smirked. “So you might be gay too?”


They were staring again.


“No mights. No maybes.” Blaine leaned closer to Kurt to make his point.

“So then.” Kurt cleared his throat. “I’m a guy you could see yourself sleeping with?”

Blaine felt heat creep up his neck as he looked away. “Uh. That’s not what I meant.”

“So what did you mean?” Kurt sat back against the bar.

“I-” Blaine swallowed. “Fay saw you as a guy I could sleep with.”

Kurt nodded thoughtfully. “Because I was lonely? And she has a thing for lonely boys?”

“No. Well. Yes, but... No.”

“You’re really tough to follow, Blaine.” Kurt was clearly amused.

Blaine inhaled sharply through his nose. “You were sitting by yourself... So she took it upon herself to get us to talk because I-” Blaine’s voice broke. “Because I’m always by myself.”

“So she’d be saving us both by making us talk?” Kurt sat up straight from the bar and leaned in towards Blaine.

“In her sick, twisted mind. Yes.”

“Why are you always by yourself, Blaine?”

“Because I’m never anywhere long enough not to be.”

“And Fay?”

Blaine smiled. “She’s always with me.”

“Because she’s by herself too, then?”

Blaine closed his mouth. He’d never thought of that before. “We... We travel together.”

Kurt nodded, urging Blaine to continue.

“I left home after graduation... Caught a plane to Miami.”


“It was far away from California.”

“You grew up in California?”

Blaine nodded. “Needed to not be there anymore if you know what I mean.”

“I do.” Kurt seemed distant for a moment.

“So on my way to Miami, I met Fay--”

“Because she thought you were lonely?”

“You’ve got a thing for interrupting, you know that?” Kurt’s face flushed, keeping his lips sealed. “I’m not sure why I met her. I think she had the ticket next to me, but the flight was nearly empty, so I’m not sure...” Blaine closed his eyes and smiled. “Either way, I’m glad she sat next to me.” He opened his eyes again and found Kurt’s, holding them there. “She convinced me to come to her apartment in Jacksonville instead.” Kurt raised an eyebrow. “Don’t even go there.” Kurt fixed his face back into a neutral expression, but his amusement remained clear. Blaine sighed again. “Anyway. We went to Jacksonville and it was... It was an impulse. So I just sort of... Ran with it. Became a spontaneity junky.” Kurt raised his hand. Blaine smiled wider. “Yes, Kurt?”


“I don’t really know.” Blaine shrugged. “Maybe I was lonely. And Fay needed a friend... We stayed for eleven days before I decided I needed to go to Italy.” Kurt’s eyes flashed, brightening.


Blaine nodded. “I want to see the world.”

“Why eleven days?”

“That’s our rule. Not sure why but... We travel around the world, going anywhere and everywhere we want to... But only for eleven days.”

Kurt’s eyes flashed again, but dulled this time. “What day are you on here?”

“Today is day four.”

“So in seven days you pack up everything and just head wherever your heart desires?”

Blaine grinned. “That’s how it works.”

“So where are you going after this?” Kurt’s face remained neutral, but his voice shook slightly.

Blaine pondered this for a moment. “I’m not sure where my heart wants to go yet.”

Kurt bit his lip. “I’m leaving at the end of the week, too.”

Blaine raised an eyebrow. “Where are you going?”


“But you work here?”

“No. I kind of do. Remember?” Blaine nodded. “I live in Ohio. My step-mom lives here. Owns this casino. My dad, step-brother and I live in Lima.”

“So why are you here now?”

“Been here for almost a year and a half.” Kurt looked away.

“Why?” Kurt didn’t answer. Blaine placed a hand on Kurt’s hand resting atop the bar. “You don’t have to tell me. I get it. Why you’re here is like California.”

Kurt stared down at their hands for a moment before bringing his eyes up to meet Blaine’s again. “What?”

“I don’t like to talk about California and you obviously don’t like to talk about why you’re here...”

“It’s just a really long story.”

Blaine squeezed Kurt’s hand and before he could pull it away Kurt turned his own palm up, asking silently to be held. Blaine twined his fingers through the empty spaces between Kurt’s. “You don’t have to tell me.” Blaine whispered.

“There were...” Kurt paused, choosing his words. “Complications in Ohio. My dad and I thought it would be best if I,” he swallowed audibly, “left.”

“So you never went to college?”

Kurt stiffened slightly, then spoke slowly, pausing between each word. “No... I never went to college.”

“Me either.”

“Obviously, unless your school is ridiculously lenient about attending classes.”

“Well classes lasted longer than eleven days, so I had to turn them down.” Blaine smiled.

It was easy. Talking to Kurt. They sat at the empty bar for what seemed like hours before other patrons started filing in and ordering drinks. Kurt was forced to work and Blaine just sat and smiled, watching Kurt move gracefully behind the bar, pouring and mixing skillfully.

Blaine was forced to leave a few hours later after receiving a frantic call from Fay. He signaled for the other bartender on staff, who had come in once the rush started, to bring his bill.

“What did you order?”

“Just water.”

“There’s no charge for water.”

Blaine smiled. “Who does your books at night?”

“Uh, Kurt, I think.”

“Can I have a receipt then?”

It seemed to click in the other man’s head then. “Sure, buddy.” He walked over to the cash register and tore off a slip of the receipt paper and handed it to Blaine.

Blaine scribbled across the paper quickly before handing it back to the other man. “Can you make sure this makes it in with the other receipts?” The man smiled warmly before nodding and setting off to do just that. As Blaine left he turned the paper over to read what was written on the other side:

If you’re interested in learning more about California, my phone will be on all night.
(442) 555 1738


“Blaine, what the fuck, your phone keeps vibrating and it’s killing my head...” Fay screamed as she threw his phone at him.

“Mmmf.” He rolled over, capturing the device in his hands to stop whatever was happening with it. He blinked rapidly at the screen as he realized there was an incoming call from an unknown number. “Hello?”

“Inyo County.”

“Kurt?” Blaine asked, Fay immediately sat upright.

“You grew up in Inyo County.” Kurt breathed through the phone line.

“Technically, yeah. Calvada Springs.” Blaine switched the phone to his other ear as Fay leaned in closely to try and listen in. He gave her a stern look before standing.

“Did you just talk about California? Willingly?” Fay’s eyes widened.

“Calvada Springs?” Kurt echoed.

“It’s small. But yeah, it’s in Inyo. How did you know?” Blaine replied, ignoring Fay.

“I uh. I googled your area code.”

Blaine smirked. “You...” He shook his head. “Really?”

“I wanted to take you up on your offer...” Blaine could picture Kurt’s cheeks flushing. “Thought it might help get conversation flowing.”

Blaine’s smile widened. “Kurt. I gave you my number so we could meet up again.”

“Oh.” There was a pause. “The bar’s still open--”

“How about here?”


“My suite?”

Fay jumped up, a smile on her lips. Blaine cast her a warning glance. “S-sure...” Kurt stammered.

“Fay’s here, don’t worry.” He said quickly.

“I wasn’t.”

Blaine’s throat was suddenly dry. “Well.”

“I’m on my way up.” The line went dead.

“Anderson!” Fay shrieked as Blaine hung up his phone. “He’s coming... Here?!

“Yeah, so what?” Fay stared at him for a full twenty seconds before running to frantically pull on clothes. “What are you doing?”

“Getting ready.” She said, face buried in her suitcase.

“...For?” Fay ignored him in favor of throwing the entirety of her suitcase onto the floor.

There was a tentative knock at the door, Fay stood up straight and met Blaine’s eyes, “Kurt.” They said in unison. Blaine ran to answer the door as Fay went back to dressing herself.

“Hi.” Blaine said as soon as he saw Kurt on the other side of the doorway.

“Hey.” Kurt replied breathlessly.

Fay came to join them by the door. “Hi!” She chirped, fully clothed now. “I’m Fay, come in!” She didn’t give him much of a choice as she wrapped her fingers around Kurt’s wrist and tugged him inside. “So glad you’re here! I was worried Blaine would get lonely. I was just leaving.”

Blaine’s mouth fell open. “Lafayette!”

She smiled sweetly at them both. “That’s me! Well, gotta run, you kids have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She paused. “Oh, hm. That’s not a very limiting list. That pretty much just rules out calculus and onion rings.” She wrinkled her nose. “Let me rephrase: Be safe.” And with that, she was out the door.

Blaine suddenly found the carpet endlessly interesting.

“Sorry about her.” He mumbled to the floor.

“She’s not very subtle, is she?” Kurt smiled.

“Not very, no.”

A silence settled over them as Blaine finally looked back up to Kurt’s face. He had obviously run here from the bar and the pink flush of his cheeks was beginning to fade, his hair had fallen from that morning’s hairspray hold. Kurt was, to put it simply, stunning.

“You aren’t very subtle either.” Kurt spoke after a moment.

Blaine blinked back to reality. “What?”

“You’re staring.”

“Was I?”

“You were.”

It was Blaine’s turn to blush. He felt his ears burn as he averted his eyes. “Well, sometimes it’s nice to have someone to look at besides Fay.”

“Oh, she’s not so bad.” Kurt teased.

Blaine returned his eyes to Kurt’s pointedly. “She’s beautiful.”

“So why do you need me to stare at then?”

“You are too.”

Kurt’s smirk faltered for a split second before schooling his features back into place. “I’m what?”

“Not so bad.” Blaine said, keeping his voice as even as possible.

Something flashed in Kurt’s eyes before he took a step forward. “You aren’t so bad yourself.”

Blaine knew he should take a step back, counter Kurt’s advance, walk away, sit down, change the subject, anything. But he couldn’t. For some reason he found himself stepping even closer. “Well, thank you.”

Blaine could feel their proximity in his pores, like it burned him to be so close to Kurt. “You’re welcome.” Kurt’s voice was hardly a whisper at this point, but they were so close Blaine could hear Kurt’s breathing, slow and slightly stuttered now. “Blaine,” he said on an exhale. “What are we doing?”

Blaine’s skin was on fire, his limbs felt heavier, his chest was tightening and he had no idea why. “I...” Kurt held his breath. “I don’t know.” Blaine whispered honestly.

Kurt nodded, letting out his own breath slowly. “Me either.”

Blaine looked away, “I meant what I said though.” He cleared his throat.

“About what? How beautiful I am?” Kurt tried to regain their joking banter, the tension between them almost palpable now.

“Yes.” To hell with joking.

Kurt inhaled sharply. “You don’t have to--”

“I mean it.” Kurt nodded again, avoiding Blaine’s eyes as another silence settled between them. Blaine chewed on his bottom lip and before he could stop himself he broke the silence. “Have you ever been to Washington, Ohio?”

“What?” Kurt sat down heavily on the bed, thankful for a change in subject.

“Washington, Ohio. I’ve never been, but Fay really wants to go. I was just wondering ‘cause you said you were from Ohio...”

Kurt let out a breathless laugh, a smile returning to his lips. “I live in Lima. I’ve never really explored past the city limits.”


“Why would Fay want to come to Ohio?”

“Washington is in Fayette county.” Blaine said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

As soon as Kurt had started laughing, he couldn’t stop. Blaine wasn’t sure if anything was actually all that funny, but he found himself settling in next to Kurt on the bed, laughing too. They let it wash over them, it was easy to just get lost in each other once they both let go. It wasn’t even about whether or not anything was funny but just that the tension between them had finally dissipated. Kurt was laughing so hard his eyes were closed and he had nearly fallen backwards on the bed. Blaine, however, found himself staring again.

Once their laughter had died down, Kurt opened his eyes, his smile making them shine brighter than usual. “You’re staring again.”

Blaine couldn’t deny it. “I am.”

“Have you ever been to LA?” Kurt allowed the moment to drag on.


“Me neither.”

Blaine brought himself back into reality. “Do you wanna go?”

“Yeah.” Kurt bit his bottom lip. “Have you ever been to New York?”

“I have.”

“Could you tell me about it?”

Blaine grinned and nodded before setting off into tales of Times Square and Central Park, regaling one incident about a slice of cheesecake and a particularly low-cut shirt and how he managed to drag Fay to three Broadway shows in one weekend.

Kurt was so genuinely interested in everywhere he had been, listening to all the stories about plane rides, layovers and taxi drivers. They fell back onto the bed, facing each other while Blaine told Kurt all about the monuments, the people and the food. He even threw in their adventures in Texas, leaving his San Antonio escapades particularly vague (probably because he could hardly remember them himself), and before he knew it Kurt had heard about every place Blaine had been right up until the day they had met.

Kurt yawned and Blaine checked the clock behind them on his nightstand. “It’s nearly four in the morning.”

Kurt nodded sleepily, a lazy grin spreading across his face. “Tell me more about California.”

Blaine swallowed audibly. “W-what do you wanna know?”

“You.” Kurt’s eyes were closed now but he curled in, ever so slightly, closer to Blaine. “I wanna know all of you.”

Blaine’s heart warmed. Kurt wasn’t forcing him to talk, he was just interested. Genuinely and sincerely interested. Blaine smiled despite himself because for the first time in his life, he found himself wanting to talk. “I grew up in Calvada Springs, you know that part.”

“Mom and dad at home? Two kids? A family labrador named Skip?” Kurt opened his eyes halfway to meet Blaine’s again.

“Nah.” He bit his lip. “Growing up, it was just me and my mom. My dad died when I was four.” Blaine unconsciously brushed the back of his hand across Kurt’s cheek. Kurt smiled and closed his eyes at the contact, humming slightly, asking Blaine to go on.

“Tell me about your mom.”

“She’s--” Blaine laid his palm on Kurt’s cheek then, choking on his words. He hadn’t really thought of his mom since he left. He almost couldn’t stand to. He hated that he left her by herself. “She’s the best person I know.” Kurt nuzzled into Blaine’s touch, nodding absently again. Blaine closed his eyes. “You remind me of her.”

“How so?”

“She listens like you do... And she makes me talk.”

“Blaine, no one has to make you talk.” Kurt grinned, Blaine felt it against his palm.

“I never talk.” Blaine laughed slightly as he felt Kurt raise an eyebrow. “Okay, I never talk about myself.”

“Why not? You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met.” Blaine felt Kurt’s hand brush against his cheek. He opened his eyes to find Kurt’s, closer than before, staring at him.

“I could say the exact same thing about you.” Kurt flattened his palm against Blaine’s face, pulling them almost imperceptibly closer. Blaine could feel Kurt’s breath mixing with his in the empty space between them.

“Why do you do it?” Kurt whispered into Blaine’s parted lips. “Why do you go so many places if you never plan on staying anywhere?”

“Because one day,” Blaine leaned his forehead forward, resting it against Kurt’s. “I want to have seen enough of the world to be able to say to someone...” He felt Kurt’s breath quicken, hot and moist against his lips. “That they are incomparable to anything I have ever seen before.” Kurt brushed his fingertips along Blaine’s cheek before resting his hand on the side of his neck, Blaine twined his fingers with Kurt’s, resting them back on top of his neck before breathing out, “then no matter how fascinating a new place may seem, there will only ever be one place where they are. And that’s where I’ll belong.”

Kurt let out a soft whimper before finally closing the small distance between them, brushing his lips to Blaine’s once lightly, then again with more force. Blaine gripped the hand on his neck before sliding the other into Kurt’s hair, the way he had been picturing himself doing all night. Kurt smiled and Blaine could feel it on his lips and he realized that he was smiling too. Really smiling. He rolled until Kurt was settled on top of him and he was able to tangle both of his hands into Kurt’s hair and bring their lips together again.

They weren’t sure how long they stayed like that, kissing like there was no more time to be together. Because really, there wasn’t. There was a week before they both needed to leave and would have to part ways. And seven days seemed insignificant in comparison to how long they both wanted to stay exactly where they were: wrapped up in each other.

Kurt finally pulled back, breathing heavily and holding himself over Blaine with a steady hand on either side of his head against the pillows. Kurt lowered his lips to brush against each of Blaine’s cheeks before trailing them down along his jaw, then up the column of his throat. Blaine shivered under the feather light touch against his ear as Kurt whispered.

“I want to go somewhere with you. I want to go someplace neither of us has ever been.”

Blaine nodded frantically before pulling Kurt back in for another kiss. Because Kurt could have anything he wanted from Blaine as long as it meant he wouldn’t leave him forever in seven days.

Link for part two!
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